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About Us

HowardJerome Photography began as a simple passion for photography and developed into a desire to capture special moments for others.


Weddings, Children, Events, Portraits, HowardJerome Photography is about helping you capture those moments that will become the signature events in your life. A picture that will stay on the wall and not just on your computer, Something your children and everyone else will ask you to tell them about. Your pictures and your stories. Your event, your wedding, your children, your senior in high school, your portraits will always ask for a story to be told.


Each moment is a part of our history, and while events may have the same name, and do most of the same things, they are always our special day. To capture those moments is what HowardJerome Photography dedicates itself to doing. Any story you have to tell, HowardJerome Photography is here to help you to tell it in a way that becomes your personal moment of history no matter who sees the picture.